Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Night Cook-Out!

Join us THIS Friday at 6:30pm for a Family Friendly evening of good food, great conversation, games and maybe an opportunity to show off those dance moves you've learned from Just Dance Wii!:) Please let us know you are coming asap by filling out this form or responding to the Facebook event. Please feel free to invite a friend or friends! To see who's bringing what go HERE

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ideas for Lenten Promises

Give Up:

1. Food Item (sweets, fried food, meat, etc.)

2. Television

3. Say "NO" to something that is a waste of money & time.

4. The need to be right.

5. Grabbing the best parking spot. Let someone else have it, and the walk will do you good.

6. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

7. Buying things for yourself.

8. Smoking

9. Stop listening to depressing music or talk radio& enjoy silence or something uplifting

10. Alcohol, soft drinks, etc.

11. Complaining about where you are in life. Stop whining about how great things were there, and thinking "I will be happy when..." Be content and make today better.

12. Let go of the grudges and stop rehearsing the past events. Forgive those who have hurt you.

Start Something:

1. Commit yourself to a small group or meeting weekly with a friend who encourages you in your faith.

2. Use your blinker. Drive the speed limit.

3. Pause before you speak. Listen more than you speak.

4. Tell the Truth.

5. Clean up after yourself.

6. Be early.

7. Tip big.

8. Start Recycling from your home or place of work.

9. Find a way to go to bed earlier, so you get enough rest.

10. Set aside 15 minutes a day to Be still and Know that You are NOT God.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Way of the Child STARTS THIS SUNDAY!

For the next 8 weeks our grade school children have an opportunity to experience The Way of the Child during our Public Meeting on Sunday nights through the season of Lent.
Meeting in the FELLOWSHIP HALL at 5:30pm.

The Way of the Child recognizes that children have an innate spirituality with a natural acceptance of mystery, an amazing capacity for awe, a vital imagination, a longing to be their unique selves, and an ability to be open to and receive God's love.

The Way of the Child

  • Takes seriously and joyfully children's capacities, deep needs, and spirits
  • Leads children into a deeper relationship with God
  • Instills in children spiritual practices to form lifelong habits
  • Encourages children to respond to God in awe
  • Helps children embrace all of life, responding to God's call
  • Provides an experience of vital community
Parents please sign up to bring a snack for 10-12 children one week during the season HERE (Coordinator: Rebecca Lauderdale, )

Ekklesia Retreat March 25-26

Starting with dinner on Friday from 5:30-6:30pm with the first session starting at 7pm and ending on Saturday around 2:30pm.

The retreat is $25 per Adult, with a $60 Maximum for a family.

The price includes lodging and 3 meals.

We will have childcare and fun children's activities when the adults are in a session (1 on Friday night and 2 on Saturday). This weekend is fun and relaxing for all ages. We'll have a bonfire, eat good food, rest and play together.