Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Way of The Child for K-6th Grade

For the next 7 weeks our grade school children have an opportunity to experience The Way of the Child during our Public Meeting on Sunday nights through the season of Advent.

The Way of the Child recognizes that children have an innate spirituality with a natural acceptance of mystery, an amazing capacity for awe, a vital imagination, a longing to be their unique selves, and an ability to be open to and receive God's love.

The Way of the Child

  • Takes seriously and joyfully children's capacities, deep needs, and spirits
  • Leads children into a deeper relationship with God
  • Instills in children spiritual practices to form lifelong habits
  • Encourages children to respond to God in awe
  • Helps children embrace all of life, responding to God's call
  • Provides an experience of vital community